Two new lawyers join the Vestius team

Two new colleagues, Eliza Akopova and Sara Karemjoined Vestius in June 2019. Both lawyers previously worked at a medium-sized law firm in the province of Noord-Holland and have now joined the Amsterdam Bar

Eliza is an old-timer at Vestius. Eliza: “I completed a student traineeship here and it is great working here now, nine years lateras a senior lawyer in the employment law practice group.” She is a quick thinker and an enterprising lawyer. She comes up with creative and practical solutions for her clients and enjoys easing their concerns. Eliza completed an external work placement at the court while training to be a lawyer. She therefore knows the tricks of the trade and how to convince a judge to decide in her client’s favour. She gets the same enjoyment out of representing both employers and employees. She furthermore has a broad international network and regularly deals with international issues. 

Sara will be joining Vestius’ corporate law division, focusing on commercial law in a broad sense (corporate law and contract law). Sara is assertive and analytical, and goes to extreme lengths on behalf of her clients. Her broad experience in the Netherlands and abroad in various areas of law allows her to make sharp legal analyses and to give practical and useful advice. 

This article was published in the Newsletter Vestius of July 2019