Henk Brat

Henk specialises in M&A processes, dispute resolution and complex negotiations within companies. He represents shareholders, managing directors, supervisory directors and investors.

Henk has a keen eye not only for the legal aspects of a case, but also for the pitfalls that companies may be faced with, taking both the commercial interests and the human aspects into account. His constructive approach and his ability to establish a close relationship with the parties involved allow him to keep the ball rolling. He always sends out a clear and, if necessary, firm message. That way Henk is able to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients.


  • Buy-outs, mergers and acquisitions, share and asset transactions, restructurings, spin-offs and joint ventures
  • Corporate and commercial litigation
  • Complex negotiations
  • Proceedings before the Enterprise Court of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal
  • Arbitration proceedings before the Netherlands Arbitration Institute (NAI)


  • Various courses in the field of negotiation, including the Program on Negotiation course at the Harvard Law School (2017)
  • Finance for Lawyers course, Amsterdam Institute of Finance (2007)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions postgraduate specialist course, Grotius Academy (2003)
  • Law, University of Amsterdam (1994)


  • Dutch Corporate Litigation Association
  • Dutch Corporate Finance Organisation (DCFA)

Other positions

  • Global Chairman of the XLNC Legal Focus Group