Anna Görgün

Anna Görgün

Associate Employment Law

Anna has worked at Vestius since 2015. She specialises in employment law and primarily represents employers. Her practice focuses mainly on reorganisations in an (international) group context, complex co-determination processes and individual dismissal cases. She therefore has broad experience in handling the employment law issues that employers may be faced with. Her legal advice makes Anna a valuable sparring partner for Human Resource Managers. She also litigates when necessary. Anna furthermore has a good command of the Turkish language.


  • Reassignments within groups
  • Documenting poor performance
  • Summary dismissals
  • Co-determination law, including works council advice and approval procedures
  • Settlement agreements and all related aspects
  • Short Term Incentives and Long Term Incentives
  • Application of the 30% tax facility for expatriates
  • Specific clauses in employment contracts, such as non-compete, non-solicitation and study cost clauses


  • Master’s degree in Employment Law, University of Amsterdam (2015)
  • Bachelor’s degree in Law, University of Amsterdam (2014)


  • Association of Young Employment Lawyers (VJAA)

Other positions

  • Member of the VJAA Activities Committee