Newsletter Vestius September 2022

Addiction and illness: glass half empty for the employer 

In a recent judgment of the Arnhem-Leeuwarden Court of Appeal, the doctrine of addiction and illness was once again addressed. Although an employee had shown up drunk at a (digital) meeting, that did not justify summary dismissal. More information on the court of appeal’s ruling and on what that ruling means for employers is provided in this article.

For information or advice on this subject please contact Michiel van Haelst.

Work Where You Want bill

The Lower House of Parliament recently adopted the “Work Where You Want” bill. This bill should make it easier for employees to work from home. You can read in this article whether that is the case and what will change in the law.

Please contact Puck Keurentjes or Lise van den Heuvel for more information or advice on this subject.

Supreme Court provides guidance on the distribution of loss between tenants and landlords due to forced corona closure 

The law almost always lags behind events in society. The development of law and case law in light of the corona pandemic is no exception. Almost two years after the outbreak of the corona pandemic, the Supreme Court provides guidance on how to distribute the loss between tenants and landlords of catering establishments and stores that have been forcibly closed.

For information or advice on this topic please contact Sander Pieroelie or Sabine Chan.

Interest in several links of the production chain; look before you leap

Having a participating interest in several companies in the same production chain may give rise to a conflict of interest. This recently became apparent once again in a judgment passed by the Enterprise Court. This article addresses the issues at stake and the lessons that the judgment offers in practice.

Please contact Sander Pieroelie or Lusine Shahbazyan for more information or advice on this subject.

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