Newsletter Vestius July 2021

Holidays in 2021 and salary consequences in the case of colour code orange

Now that we’re allowed to go on holiday again and more and more countries are coloured “yellow” or even “green”, various employment law questions present themselves: what about the holidays accrued last year but not yet taken? And who bears the risk if employees visit a country with code orange and fall ill?

For information or advice on this subject please contact Bart de Vroe or Puck Keurentjes.

SER advice a prelude to (further) new employment legislation

The SER (Dutch Social and Economic Council) is advising the future government on curbing flexible work and cracking down on false self-employment. Its advice is largely based on that of the Borstlap Committee, but without making employership more attractive. The advice is likely to lead to new legislation.

For information or advice on this subject please contact Michiel van Haelst.

Management and Supervision (Legal Entities) Act entered into force on 1 July

The Wet bestuur en toezicht rechtspersonen (Management and Supervision (Legal Entities) Act – the “Act”) entered into force on 1 July 2021. The objective of the Act is to improve the quality of the management and internal supervision at foundations, associations, cooperatives and mutual insurance societies. The main changes that the Act entails were explained in our newsletter of December 2020.

If you wish more information about the Management and Supervision (Legal Entities) Act, please contact Helger Kamerman.

Fine for registering employee health data

The processing of employee health data is prohibited. The Dutch Data Protection Authority strictly enforces this rule. It is therefore advisable not to do so, also with regard to corona vaccination.

For information or advice on this subject please contact Lise van den Heuvel.

Spousal consent: a practical lesson

When a business owner enters into a contract for a purchase in instalment in his or her private capacity, his or her spouse must give official consent for the contract. In the absence of such consent, the contract may be annulled, which sometimes has significant consequences for the seller.

For information or advice on this topic please contact Sander Pieroelie or Sabine Chan.