Newsletter Vestius December 2022

Corporate Law Overview 2023

In this last newsletter of 2022, Vestius’ corporate law practice group looks ahead to various (possible) developments and point for attention in 2023.

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Main HR legislative amendments in 2023

Legislative developments will (or may) take place also in the field of employment law in 2023. Curious to know more about the main legislative changes and bills for 2023 in the field of HR?

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Director’s appointment resolution must be recorded in writing

No board membership without an appointment. A director may be registered in the Trade Register as a director and may have been acting in that capacity for years, but in the absence of an appointment resolution, he or she has not been a director. The Supreme Court issued a ruling to that effect back in 1977. And yet, even now in 2022, a written appointment resolution is still often missing. This article addresses the recent ruling on this issue of the Court of Appeal of The Hague.

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Notification duty under Article 7:668 of the Dutch Civil Code

For several years now, we have been familiar with the notification duty in employment law under Article 7:668 of the Dutch Civil Code. What does the notification duty entail and how can it be fulfilled? That question is answered in this article, on the basis of a recent Supreme Court ruling.

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