Newsletter Vestius April 2024

Long-awaited proposal for modernizing non-compete clauses published

New legislation will drastically change the landscape of non-compete clauses for both employers and employees. Employers must prepare for stricter rules, while employees will benefit from increased protection and compensation.

For questions or advice on this topic, please contact Anna Görgün.

Qualification of agreements

In 2023, the Supreme Court ruled that Deliveroo’s delivery drivers were not self-employed but employees. At its core, the case revolved around the qualification of contracts. A subject that can have substantial consequences, also outside the self-employed domain. Vestius provides tools to qualify common agreements.

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Green terms of employment

In a time where climate and sustainability are playing a big(er) role for many, ‘green terms of employment’ are also becoming more important in employment law. But what exactly are green terms of employment and which steps should not be skipped when implementing such terms of employment? We’ll discuss that and more in this article.

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All directors are equal, but those in the non-profit are slightly less so than those in corporate surroundings

The level of remuneration of a managing director in the non-profit sector is generally lower than that of a director of a commercial company. But both directors depend on the trust of the body that appointed them. Despite the equal risk of harm, the director with the relatively low remuneration package cannot count on more leniency. On the contrary, the District Court of Utrecht confirmed in a ruling that directors of an association (non-profit) are actually entitled to more thrifty treatment than those of a commercial enterprise in the event of dismissal without a sound legal basis. After all, the court reasoned, the director’s salary and fees must be paid by the association from the contributions of its members.

For questions or advice on this subject, please contact Michiel van Haelst.