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About Vestius

Vestius focuses entirely on corporate law and employment law. Our solicitors are specialists in one of those fields. Only that way can they continuously specialise further in their field and keep their specialist knowledge and experience up to date.

A pragmatic approach and alertness to the clients’ needs are paramount at Vestius. We view cases not only from a purely legal point of view, but from various perspectives. What do the commercial interests require? What part does the human aspect play?

Your interests are central to our legal advice. A settlement is often the best solution, but in some cases we advise taking a case to court. In those cases we have our gowns within reach, because Vestius has a strong litigation practice: all our solicitors litigate on a regular basis.

Vestius has an extensive network of professional service providers with whom we work together on a regular basis. Like us, they are specialists in their fields,. If your case calls for expertise that we do not have, we will put you in touch with those experts.

For more information on Vestius or customized advice, please contact the law firm or one of the attorneys.