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Vestius focuses entirely on corporate law and employment law. Our solicitors are specialists in one of those fields. Only that way can they continuously specialise further in their field and keep their specialist knowledge and experience up to date.
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Sid Lee engages Vestius to handle all the employment law cases for which we do not have sufficient in-house expertise. It is particularly remarkable how fast they answer my questions... Sjoerd Koopman, Director HR/Operations Amsterdam
- Sid Lee -
I came in touch with Vestius via our HR Director in England some years ago. Our contacts really are remarkably smooth... Annemieke Jongbloed, HR-adviseur
- Hospira -
Vestius advises Concern voor Werk on e.g. reorganizations and questions related to collective employment agreements. Reorganizations often involve questions of both employment law and corporate law at the same time, so were are pleased that Vestius offers both those specialisms. In my opinion, what... Sander Post, Directeur HR
- Concern voor Werk -
Each organization selects the attorney or law firm that suits it. We prefer to solve conflicts rather than going to court. It usually just takes a lot of time, energy and money if a conflict escalates and a file has to be compiled, so we like to avoid that. As soon as we call in Vestius, the case is handled in a practical and structured manner. The emotional confusion involved in a conflict is then reduced, also for... Terry Aurik, Managing Director
- Lebara -
Redactiepartners uses Vestius’s services for matters related to corporate law and employment law. There is little distance between the firm and its clients. I notice that regularly and I consider it an excellent quality. Whenever I speak to anyone at Vestius, a receptionist, secretary or attorney, they all know... Martijn Bennis, Directeur
- Redactie Partners -
When we wanted to sell one of our websites, we came in touch with Vestius. Vestius concerned itself not only with drafting the contracts, but also enthusiastically undertook the negotiations. We were very pleased with that. As a seller, you are too emotionally involved; you’re afraid that your own website may... Rob Koster, Eigenaar
- SKMG -
Tommy Hilfiger is a client of Vestius Attorneys in relation to legal advice and guidance regarding Dutch employment law issues. Vestius were recommended to Tommy Hilfiger on the basis of the reputation of its lawyers, who were referred to as 'extremely reputable' and 'very professional'. After working with this law... Liz Mayhew, European Director of Human Resources
- Tommy Hilfiger Europe -
Vestas and Vestius: the names are very similar. And it is indeed a good match! It’s as if we and Vestius truly belong together: our relationship with Vestius is close and pleasant. We have our own legal department, but we are pleased to regularly call in Vestius’s specialist knowledge. Vestas Benelux is represented by... Elvira Roeterink, Jurist
- Vestas -