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Redactie Partners

“Help is always immediately available.”

Redactiepartners uses Vestius’s services for matters related to corporate law and employment law. There is little distance between the firm and its clients. I notice that regularly and I consider it an excellent quality. Whenever I speak to anyone at Vestius, a receptionist, secretary or attorney, they all know your name and your background. They pass on messages correctly and take any action that needs to be taken. Vestius therefore comes across as a well-lubricated machine. That can mean only one thing: good internal communications. Their external communications are definitely good, which makes me as a client feel good. When I say that Vestius is flexible, I mean that help is always immediately available if a case calls for immediate action. The rates of the Vestius attorneys are a lot friendlier than those of many other attorneys. You would have to be in very serious trouble to be willing to pay the exorbitantly high hourly rates that many law firms charge. The fact that we call Vestius without a great deal of hesitation speaks for itself.

Martijn Bennis