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The Legal 500 - The Clients Guide to Law Firms Vestius Advocaten


“Vestius is able to put its expertise to optimal use for our company.”

Each organization selects the attorney or law firm that suits it. We prefer to solve conflicts rather than going to court. It usually just takes a lot of time, energy and money if a conflict escalates and a file has to be compiled, so we like to avoid that. As soon as we call in Vestius, the case is handled in a practical and structured manner. The emotional confusion involved in a conflict is then reduced, also for us, to a project that calls for a specific approach and solution. That creates great peace of mind. Vestius keeps its clients informed during the process and is well aware of what does and does not work for us. I used to keep track of how long I spoke to an attorney, but I never feel the need to do so with Vestius. The firm radiates common sense and its attorneys speak in clear and understandable terms – no self-important attorney fuss. Vestius is able to put its expertise to optimal use for our company. Isn’t that exactly what a client wants?

Terry Aurik
Managing Director