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Concern voor Werk

“We have not lost a single case with Vestius!”

Vestius advises Concern voor Werk on e.g. reorganizations and questions related to collective employment agreements. Reorganizations often involve questions of both employment law and corporate law at the same time, so were are pleased that Vestius offers both those specialisms. In my opinion, what distinguishes Vestius from other law firms is its integrity and ethical sense. I have heard an attorney of a large law firm say “our law firm is an extension of our client’s conscience”. That definitely cannot be said of Vestius. Vestius is autonomous in that respect and does not automatically go along with its clients. In an emotional conflict, it is able to blow the whistle on the client and to keep things in proportion. And in case anyone believes that is not enough: we have never lost a single case with Vestius! If you ask for a realistic estimate beforehand as to whether or not the case is legally feasible, they will give you a clear-cut answer. Most attorneys are afraid to do so. Vestius isn’t, and I consider that one of its strengths.

Sander Post
Directeur HR